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Welcome to the WIKI

We are a small collective of Amateur Radio operators building a wireless network in Amarillo, TX. This space is currently being used to keep notes/documentation on how things are connected and what hardware is in use.

Problems and Workarounds

  • DNS - Determining the best way to handle DNS.

Network Information

HSMM Information

Hardware / Software


  • Metageek inSSIDer - Very nice Wifi Scanner
    • Ubiquity SRX - Express Card a/b/g card to use with inSSIDer
  • Wi-Spy - an older version of the 2.4GHz version I got for 49 bucks, but it still works.
  • Ultratools - IPV6 Range Generator

Wish List

Something like this would be nice, but if we can cover 5GHz also, it would be even better. This can also be used for various other things in the amateur radio bands.

If we can't find a good all around (inexpensive) analyzer, the usb ones offered by ubiquiti should also function ok as alternatives for now except that there's still none that support 5GHz yet.

The 5GHz radios themselves do actually have a pretty nice looking spectrum display built in that we could still put to use.

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